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Our Testimonials

Mr. J. Luciano

"We love the way the kitchen floor turned out! We get a lot of comments on how dynamic the colors are."

Mr. E. Roberts

"Thank you for the great work you did on our basement floor. We love the epoxy floor finish for it’s so easy to clean especially with our new puppy. We definitely recommend the beauty and durability of an epoxy floor to our friends and family."

Mr. M. Walston

"We could not be more pleased with the quality of work by Epoxy Flooring Florida. We have found them to be honest, trustworthy, and skillful. Customer satisfaction is very important to them and it shows in their work."

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Installation of flooring systems

When opting for any sort of commercial flooring you want to make sure the companies you are researching actually do the work that you require. For this reason, below you will see a handful of industries we cover and what type of epoxy and floor coating applications we install in these environments.


Aerospace and defense – Our crews can undertake any Aerospace and defense flooring contracts. We have customized options for these industries such as impact heavy traffic non-slip floors. We also have special floors for aircraft assembly and maintenance services.

Food Industry – For food processing plants you will require easy to clean floors to keep up with the sanitary requirements of this industry. Our flooring can incorporate special coatings to resist bacteria and is ideal for; Bottling lines, Dairies, Meat process plants, cold storage rooms, bakeries and blending and mixing plants.

Chemical Process plants – Our epoxy flooring has chemical resistant formulas to keep the harshest of chemical environments flooring safe from breaking down after spills. Our flooring solutions are suited to waste treatment areas, Drum storage rooms, garage floors, Laboratories and processing areas.

Pharmaceutical – We install durable, smooth and clean floors that are attractive to the eye and are chemical resistant. Epoxy flooring finishes really do make a huge difference in any pharmaceutical plant. Areas where we tend to install are: Laboratories, clean rooms, blending rooms, Gown rooms, Packing lines and Process areas as well as toilet and staff rooms.

Industrial and Manufacturing – Heavy traffic areas that are prone to assembly and wear and tear require smart and tough floor coverings and we can provide that. We have solutions for: loading bays, control rooms, packing lines, assembly lines, machine shops, shower and locker rooms and much more.

Commercial – Image is also important to our clients and we can provide stylish and hardwearing epoxy coating finishes to suit our client needs. Such finishes are applied in places like corridors, reception areas and cafeterias, operating suites, mechanical rooms, prisons and hospitals as well as retail shops and malls.

So, as you can see we have you covered for any flooring needs, if you need any more information then feel free to give us a call.